Stephanie’s impromptu maternity session.

This beautiful lady right here, is my younger cousin. I’ve known her my whole life, we’ve grown up together, and even though we are 8 years apart we have become very close. When I found out she was pregnant I was very excited, and I approached her to do her maternity photos, because, family! We had planned on doing her session this coming Saturday, with her not being due for another couple weeks. However, her little biscuit had other plans. She called me early Thursday morning and let me know her water had broken. So I quickly got things together so we could go out early afternoon and get some photos before she headed to the hospital. I can’t wait to meet her little peanut when she arrives.

The Avram Family! {Maternity, Newborn, Regina, Sk}

I have known Kathleen and Colby for many years. Kathleen and I graduated university together and have been great friends ever since.   When I found out that several of my besties were having Babies I got really excited.  Not only because it gave me the oportunity to photograph them! (YAY) but Also because their babies would be only a year younger than my baby!  it’s awesome when you have kids so close in age!

Well Because I have been slacking on the posts, I am bulking Kathleen and Colby’s Maternity Session and their Newborn Session toegther.  (Sorry Guys)  However, on a positive note, you not only get to see Kathleens awesome baby bump, but little baby Avram as well.  That’s gotta count for something right?

Lots of Love guys!



Note:    Pink Zebra Hat & Tan Daiper Cover by:  The Purple Hippo    Headband by: Fuzzynoggins