The Avram Family! {Maternity, Newborn, Regina, Sk}

I have known Kathleen and Colby for many years. Kathleen and I graduated university together and have been great friends ever since.   When I found out that several of my besties were having Babies I got really excited.  Not only because it gave me the oportunity to photograph them! (YAY) but Also because their babies would be only a year younger than my baby!  it’s awesome when you have kids so close in age!

Well Because I have been slacking on the posts, I am bulking Kathleen and Colby’s Maternity Session and their Newborn Session toegther.  (Sorry Guys)  However, on a positive note, you not only get to see Kathleens awesome baby bump, but little baby Avram as well.  That’s gotta count for something right?

Lots of Love guys!



Note:    Pink Zebra Hat & Tan Daiper Cover by:  The Purple Hippo    Headband by: Fuzzynoggins

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